Timber 3D APK Lumberjack Games!

Collect your wood, chop them, carve good crafts, sell and build your gorgeous wooden houses. Ready for to be a lumberjack?

Game Introduction

Ready to chop trees and magic woods? Become a lumberjack, sharpen your ax, get some speed and make lots of money. It is getting harder to chop the trees that is why you need to upgrade yourself!

Get into the magic forest and see different colors of trees also be ready for the magical pink woods. The further you go the more expensive trees you get. Can you reach till pink trees?

Game Key Features

  • Leaves, big tree trunks and a sharp machine!
  • Control the machine to cut trees perfectly!
  • Let’s try this satisfying game!
  • Cut the wood.
  • Build your town.
  • Build towers.
  • Kill the enemies.
  • Easy one touch controls
  • Great visuals
  • Endless gameplay
  • Dozens of crafts & houses to build.

Game Conclusion

Best Timber 3D APK Simulator Game with Axe Fun Tap and hold to Cut , get power up for more speed cutting every 5th levels Lumberjack Tree Cutting Race win against opponents
have fun!

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