Top 5 Best Utility Apps For Android

Our smartphones are the most useful gadgets that allow you do almost whatever you want. By adding a bunch of useful utility apps, you can take your Android device to another level.

Android devices are the most versatile gadgets that make it possible to do almost anything you want. By adding many helpful utility apps, you can take your Android device’s usability to the next level.

You need to download the best utility apps for android, which we have to download and install on our phone to take more advantage of our phone capabilities. Today, we will provide so best utility apps for Android phones, which fulfill all missing utility app requirements from Android devices.

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What are utility Apps?

Utility apps are specialized apps that support several personal and business activities like a reminder, to-do list, and more.

Mobile utility applications help in extending the functional ability of the business by providing effective features. With our mobile utility applications, simple as well as advanced tasks can be done effectively and efficiently.

Play store offers a variety of tools and utility applications that can help you do everyday tasks in a much simpler and faster manner. Here is the list of some of the best utility apps for Android to take more advantage of our phone’s capacity.

Google Translate

Google Translate is fantastic and one of the best Android utility apps. Just type a word it will translate the word into 100+ languages from across the globe. This app is free with multiple learning features. This is best for travelers and visitors from the whole world.

Users can also use the camera to translate the text into their desired language, and this feature supports hundreds of different languages. We can also download the language pack for offline use if we do not have an internet connection. Approximately millions of users have already downloaded this app


Privacy is a requirement of a modern time, and we all agree with this! AppLock is a perfect way to keep anyone from spying on your phone. AppLock can easily hide your Android device’s photos and videos and quickly secure your personal data. It’s an Android utility app that is flexible, simple, and one of the better.

It is an easy-to-use application that comes with secure and reliable features for making. It integrates the lock on your Android applications with a single tap by adding them to the list of the locked apps.

QR Droid Code Scanner

It is another popular Android utility app that converts our phone into QR, a Bar Code scanner. We can easily scan code from the camera, or we can also import images to scan code.

We can easily scan and create QR codes from our contact and bookmark and easily send it to our friends. It also provides its concerns to get more help from this app. Approximately over 100 million users have downloaded this app.

Scientific Calculator

It is another Best Android utility apps for students and engineers. Normally all smartphones offer a normal calculator for simple calculation. But for professional individuals Scientific Calculator is the best choice, It makes their work easier.

We can not calculate log values, angles like sin, cos, etc. This app can calculate all the scientific values like angles, log, mode, under root, etc. Well, it is very easy to use, now anyone can solve big equations just with a single tap.

Smart Phone Cleaner

Smart Phone Cleaner is a cleaning and performance-boosting utility app for Android phones. It is loaded with some amazing features such as Battery Saver, Speed Booster, App Cache Cleaner, and even Game Booster.

With continuous use, and Android device gets hanged or works slowly, due to hundreds of junk files. Finding and cleaning all these junk files is no easy task, but Smart Phone Cleaner lets you clean and refreshes your device to free up space and improve your device’s performance.

Final Words

In conclusion, These are the few best utility apps for android phones which we find useful. These apps will provide you all the missing default apps. There are numerous utility apps for android available in the marketplace, which you can choose according to your requirement. For any queries please, let us know.

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