Top 5 Finance Apps For Android

It is quite feasible nowadays that with the help of mobile Finance Apps we can take care of all your financial activities. In fact, these programs help us address a variety of money management concerns, ranging from creating a solid budget discipline, controlling spending to monitoring your spending and future investments.

There are many finance management apps available on the internet, which also offer the best debt repayment solutions. These apps are designed to target specific areas of your finances that serve multiple purposes.

List of Top 5 Finance Apps

However, finding a financial planning tool can be a daunting task. So, to gauge your financial management, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 finance apps for Android. These apps are designed to target specific areas of your finances that serve certain purposes.

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Well, here are the Top Five Finance Apps, which we have discussed below.

ET Markets

Many of you will be thinking about investing in financial markets. If yes, then ET Markets would be very helpful to you to manage your investments properly. It acts as your one-stop destination for tracking your investments in various situations.

ET Markets keeps you informed about all the latest market updates, Sensex Crash, Stock Market Drop & Daily Market News, and many more. It is available in many languages and has Interactive technical charting tools.

Share favorite market events and news through SMS, email, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook. Analysis, expert views, and ability to participate in discussions through comments. Smart voice search for discovering information. Download this app for free now.

Money Manager

Money Manager is the top-ranked financial planning, review, expense tracking, and personal asset management app for Android. Now keep track of your income, expenses, and savings. it can actually help you to track and get smart in terms of saving your hard-earned money.

Everyone wants to save money, however, at the end of each month, we reflect on our minds and ask ourselves, where did all my income go? Now you know where it went and could be smarter and learn more about the unnecessary expenses we were spending but didn’t pay attention to.

You can record your personal and business financial transactions, review financial data on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and manage your assets using a budget planner and expense tracker. Download this interesting app now.


Mint offers a set of financial tools, including a free financial tracker and money manager app, Turbotax, QuickBooks, and ProConnect. It helps you simplify your life and save more money.

The app puts forward all your bills, credit cards, and bank accounts investments to the control panel so you can easily know where you stand when it comes to paying out and saving. You can also track your bills and credit score.

To get Business news on your Android device to follow the latest business news, stock market updates, product news, company results, startups, technology reviews, and world-leading business news releases for e-papers, Download this app free now.


Start taking control of your personal finance and monthly budget. Goodbudget is the ultimate FREE budget app to track spending and expenses. This is a powerful budget maker and expense tracker for everyone. This is a very powerful finance software while user-friendly so that everyone can use this app with ease.

Goodbudget is a money manager and expense tracker that is great for home budget planning. This personal finance manager is very useful. It is a proactive budget planner that helps you stay on top of your bills and finances. Built for easy, real-time tracking.

If you have decided to take control of your financial situation, finance manager, money tracker, checkbook ledger, or household budget planner? you will need powerful finance software like Goodbudget, Download it free now.

Expense Manager

Are you looking for a cost and budget program? Stop watching Expense Manager is a simple, intuitive, stable, and feature-packed app designed just for you. Everything at your fingertips to manage expenses, checkbooks, and budget.

Manage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily manage your finances. This app allows you to easily record your expenses. Optionally you can assign a category to your expenses to get detailed statistics and helpful insights.

This application is available in more than 10 different languages. We recommend this app for anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​how to control their finances. So what are you waiting for download it now and save your money and time?


By reviewing the brief information provided about some of the best finance apps available in the market, you can make the best choice according to your needs. For any further information and having a question, feel free to contact us by visiting our website.

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