Top 5 Media Player Apps For Android

If you are frustrated with the premium services of the different entertainment platforms, then don’t worry about it. We are here with the top media players for you, through which you can easily access the best entertainment features of all time on your Android device.

Years ago you can have only limited access to the players. Users cannot have access to customization, settings, and other features. So, we are here for you with the most simple, with such amazing features.

So, do you want to know about some amazing media player app? If yes, then we are here for you all. We are going to share all the important details about these apps, which means just need to stay with us and explore all about it. If you have any queries, then you can simply contact us through the comment section below.

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Top Media Player Apps

Media players are one of the best applications, through which users can get all the available entertainment. So, we are here with the most amazing and advanced digital players for you all, we hope you enjoy the apps, which we have recommended for you.

Here are the best media player apps for Android.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is no doubt the most popular video player of the recent times, well, it has made itself the ruler of entertainment in the entertaining world from last many years, VLC brings the capability to play both audio and video files, though It is still entertaining enough to occupy the first place in our chart.

VLC Player is not very different from Google Play Music, which is nice because most of the other players have too many issues, and bother the user and it takes much time to figure out the whole app. One great feature that makes the app perfect, is the built-in equalizer that lets you visit the same song in different acoustic settings.

ASD Music and Video Player

ASD Music and Video Player is reasonably among the top media players. It supports the most popular video and audio formats. The other features of the application, include a bass booster and equalizer along with a decent file browser, theming, and many more.

Some of you may think why we get this app? Because it does what it sets out to do and it does so rather well. There are some advertisements which are a bit annoying and hope so you may not face them in the future. Otherwise, it’s good.


Well, Vidmate can do a lot of stuff, right from downloading videos to making memes, getting you the latest apps and games, and hiding files out of sight. But the video player is what stands out to me. Unfortunately, it is a bit neglected by users, which makes this app sort of a hidden gem.

Vidmate lets you control the parameters of your video just like some other Player, only it is a little more sensitive so you don’t have to keep scrolling the screen and you’ll probably be done in a single swipe. But the high sensitivity is not necessarily a good thing. The video player can help you make funny memes and share them with friends. Try it out!


Are you looking for a player which can change your mood? Maybe LISTENit will have the spicy features you are looking for. This is a pretty amazing music app that shares files between devices over a proxy WiFi network, LISTENit includes a pretty sweet equalizer with more tweak options than any other app.

There is a feature of ringtone cutter that helps you pick out bits and pieces from songs to set as your ringtone. The app is overall very interesting to use. And you can set the timing for an app to stop playing after your given time, which helps you to save and it is perfect for those who like to go off to sleep with their favorite music playing.


There are a lot of many apps that can offer you video playback speed control, but among all, I would love to use this app. I find KMPlayer to let you control video speed the easiest. It allows for a screen float while you access other apps.

You can even use the app as a cloud storage application to keep important or favorite videos available across devices. A lot of many other features force us to download it. This music player is pretty cool as well. So get this app now and enjoy.

Final Words

Hope you guys enjoy our suggested top five Media Plyers, Download these amazing files free to entertain yourself. We are here to give you access to the Entertaining world in the best possible way, for any queries feel free to contact us and visit our website for more fun.

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