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List of the Top PC Educational Games for Kids For Free.

4.7/5 - (3 votes)

Learning could be fun or boring for your child, but when it is mixed with entertainment, it is always exciting and engaging. This is why we are here with the top PC educational games for Kids.

  1. Top PC Educational Games for Kids
  2. Math Blaster Series
  3. Brainiversity
  4. Epistory –Typing Chronicles
  5. Kerbal Space Program
  6. World of Zoo
  7. Conclusion

It is scientifically proven that we have longer retention times when we enjoy doing something. Let’s agree that education and learning are not always fun. Especially when it is a dry subject.

But when we integrate games into it, it is always a pleasure. So that is why the video gaming industry has created a great title that you need to know now.

Top PC Educational Games for Kids

Whether you are looking for gaming titles for your kids. Give them some fun time on the screen and let them have a break or want to join them in this amusement. Here are the best choices for you.

The list here has vintage as well as new entrants. You can get them for the Windows PC or laptop now and use them instantly. Let’s explore the list together and make learning easier and interactive.

Math Blaster Series

You might remember this name if you were into gaming some years ago. The name even inspired other similar titles for mobile phones and tablets.

It provides a very valuable resource to educate your child about addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction in an immersive way.

The Blasternaut and his lovey dog Spot are here to guide. Here you can pick from two options. If your purpose is to build the knowledge in the field, Math Blaster is the one for you.

Or it is having some fun way for your child to improve their math skills in a gaming environment that is interactive and immersive, go for Math Blaster Episode 2: The Secret of the Lost City.


What game can be better for your kid than the one that makes them smart? Brainversity is a brain training game for your child. It is solely designed to stimulate the brain.

Encompassing over 12 different activities, it covers categories like memory, math, language, and analysis. They are designed to help your child in elementary education, among other things.

It is not just an interface to spend some brain exercise time on the screen. But with its impressive Daily Exam Mode, you can actually keep a track of the progress made on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, it is a mixture of learning something while having fun. So this means it will give an immersive environment to your kids while helping them improve their cognitive abilities.

While they are up to it, Edison, the lightbulb mascot, is here to cheer and encourage them.

Epistory –Typing Chronicles

This is indeed one of the top PC educational games for kids. It can be played using a keyboard only, which means enhancing the child’s keyboard awareness.

The gameplay is set in a beautiful origami world and follows the journey of a writer who is riding a three-tailed fox. In this typing game, the players can wander around, deal with the opponents, and more while enhancing their typing skills.

In the gameplay, the combats can get fierce where you will have to strike the keyboard buttons rapidly to write the words appearing above your enemy. So become a typing ninja with Epistory on your PC now.

Kerbal Space Program

There is no better way to instill curiosity for the universe and the Solar System than Kerbal Space Program. Teach them space exploration and flight simulation just using this app.

Kerbal Space Program allows the players to be in charge of Kerbals –little green humanoid aliens that are in control of the Kerbal Space Centre on a planet named Kerbin.

Using this base, the player can build rockets and space ships to put this station in space.

So here the kids can learn realistic aerodynamics and rules of physics. Kerbal Space Program offers three modes to the player namely, Sandbox, Career, and Science.

World of Zoo

The human lifestyle is incongruous with nature. This is why we are witnessing climate change, global warming, and biodiversity destruction. If we are to leave a better planet for the children, it is imperative to teach them the right ways.

This game is here to instill in your kid the importance of other forms of life. So if your child loves animals the World of Zoo is worth exploring. Here you will get more than forty species coming from eleven animal families.

World of Zoo teaches them to appreciate animals, take care of them in the virtual world. At the same time, it is a treasure trove of information that is directly coming from National Geographic. It is learning with a purpose.

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The top PC educational games for kids is not complete if we leave titles like Minecraft Education Edition, Zoombinis, Gizmos, and Gadgets among many other. Tell us which one is your or your child’s favorite in this category, in the comments below.

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4.7/5 - (3 votes)
4.7/5 (3 votes)

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