Touch It Rikka Apk v1.2 Download for Android Free [Updated]

Touch It Rikka APK + MOD v1.2

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Overview Information

Name Touch It Rikka
Package com.kaibltdinc.touchitrikka
Publisher Kaib Ltd Inc
Category Simulation
Version 1.2
Size 53.63 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and Up
Updated On
Touch It Rikka Apk v1.2 Download for Android Free [Updated] for playing the latest quirky simulation game on your Android devices.

4.5/5 - (4 votes)

We are bringing an Adult Simulation game “Touch It Rikka Apk“. This gameplay brings a fresh story with many exciting activities. The game got instant fame as the gameplay videos went viral on various social media platforms such as TikTok. Now is the chance to download the game file smoothly.

  1. What is “Touch It Rikka Apk”?
  2. The Gameplay
  3. Graphics and Controls
  4. Alternatives of “Touch It Rikka Apk”
  5. How to Download “Touch It Rikka Apk” file?
  6. How to install the Apk file?
  7. Key Features of “Touch It Rikka Apk”
  8. FAQs
  9. Is Touch It Rikka Android available for iOS phones?
  10. Is it present on Google Play Store?
  11. Does it ask for any in-game premium charges?
  12. Final Words

Normally simulation games run with single-story concepts. But this game brings much more than a single-story concept. The gameplay consists of noble acts as well as some raunchy activities. Before players get excited, it is important to keep in mind that this game is only suitable for adult users.

What is “Touch It Rikka Apk”?

“Touch It Rikka Apk” is a game developed for Android users. It has managed to gather a lot of attention in a very short span. Users can get the Apk file from here and experience why it got so famous instantly. The good part about it is that there are no premium features to unlock. Every feature will be attainable without a charge.

Most online games require gamers to create a gaming ID first. The registration process feels hectic to many users. This gameplay will be very easy to join and start gaming. There is no need to create an ID. The main menu will be directly accessible, and players can start with their desired chapter.

Before we get to the gameplay story, there is no keynote to adhere to. The gameplay is specifically meant for adult gamers. There will be scenes and dialogues that are not suitable at all for underage gamers. So, we recommend not downloading the game if you are an underage user.

The Gameplay

The main character in this gameplay will be Rikka. As mentioned initially, there are two very different sides to this game. Rikka is on the one side very affectionate towards the needy. She spends most of her time helping and facilitating patients suffering from the disease Dementia.

This is her noble side and players will get to perform many noble activities here. There are tons of patients suffering and in dire need of your help. After all the helping and facilitation are done, gamers will get to explore the flip side of Rikka in Touch It Rikka Game.

As much as she pleasures her soul by helping others, she also enjoys physical pleasures. So sometimes she skips school to explore the world of physical pleasures. This is where things get stimulating for adult gamers. Players will get to take part in various intimate activities and conversations.

Graphics and Controls

This game is not like most modern-day games. The graphics are good enough but over the top. Players will get a balanced gaming experience with story concept and graphics quality. There will be an option to enhance the FPS settings. The developers have presented 24 FPS to 60 FPS selections.

Players will spot many control buttons on the screen. The main controls for removing character cloths will be at the top left side. The FPS selection button will be present at the bottom left side. Gamers will explore more character stimulation buttons at the bottom right side.

Alternatives of “Touch It Rikka Apk”

As said many times, this gameplay would be suitable for adults only. So for gamers who are underage and trying to explore something suitable, we have many options. We have tons of game genres for players to explore for free such as Avatar World Mod Apk and My Hotpot Story Mod Apk.

How to Download “Touch It Rikka Apk” file?

Gamers will have the opportunity to download the Apk file for free. All the game files shared here are safe to install on any Android device. There are multiple download options present on the website. Every Android user is required to simply locate the download button and tap on it to initiate downloading.

How to install the Apk file?

The Apk installation process requires users to enable permission first. This permission can be enabled from Android phone Settings>Security Settings. The option is listed as “Unknown Sources Installations”. This option has to be enabled to start the installation without any restrictions.

  • Users have to locate the Apk file from the downloads folder file manager.
  • Tap on the Apk file to start the installation prompt.
  • Tap on the install button and wait for the process to complete.

Key Features of “Touch It Rikka Apk”

  • This game file is free to download.
  • It does not require any in-game purchases.
  • No need to create a gaming ID.
  • No third-party advertisements.
  • Smooth graphics and responsive controls.
  •  Engaging and exciting game story.
  • Runs smoothly on low-end Android phones.
  • Guidelines for newly joined players.
  • Many more…


Is Touch It Rikka Android available for iOS phones?

Users with Android phones can install this game.

Is it present on Google Play Store?

This Adult game is not present on Google Play.

Does it ask for any in-game premium charges?

No, all the features will be available without any premium tariffs.

Final Words

Experience a game where you get to play the noble and raunchy. “Touch It Rikka Apk” guarantees endless fun with steamy scenes and dialogue. Player decisions will pivot the story in whatever direction they desire.

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4.5/5 - (4 votes)
4.5/5 (4 votes)

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