Town Rush APK 2021 Download!

Conquer your enemies town by creating your army. Tap to spawn a stickman and attack your enemy’s tower. Upgrade your towers and defend better! Easy to play hard to master!

What is Town Rush APK?

Its time for you to pay your country with your love and blood by filling streets of a city with a crowd in a war against your rival. Gather your popular crowd rush – city of town and rush through streets of the city with your crowd in wars of popular heroes. This is war between different group. Each group has its own different color in the crowd. Each players try to get more city to make its crowd big and big passing through rush streets of rush city . you also found shop in crowd rush – city of town game.

Create your team squad and erase everything that moves from the streets. This war of popular heroes is fun with adventure. Show the city that you have a huge crowd with a lot of several popular heroes.
In which you Can selected Own favorite player and rush in the streets to success crowd rush – Town Rush APK games. Do not rush badly but try to make bigger crowd for success city crowd-based war rush game for free. Town Rush APK 2021 Game is the best game to make fun of.

The crowd can appear in every street. You have to be very careful. You should not engage in combat without reaching enough troops. Those who want to have fun, download it immediately.

Collect more followers in a limited time and get more rewards from the Town Rush APK 2021game. Gather as many flowers as you can for the crowd game. Don’t let the opposing crowd increase. If the opposing crowd increases this crowd rush game will end up. Collect people from all over the town to your squad. Walk along the streets with crowded people. Win the battle of crowds in the crowd rush – city of town game. The war of the crowd is full of fun and adventure.

Town Rush APK 2021 Key Features

  • – The game session has a time limit around 2-4 minutes when it happens
  • – The city simulator consists of separate town zones (there are a lot of
  • – No fight against other people or kill, only people or citizens.
  • – The running crowd is gradually lagging behind the character and you should wait until other players will not capture it.
  • – This new crowd simulator is free, no money!
    them), where a player men appear.
  • – Town has 5 types, small and large maps, crowded people walk along the streets.
  • – Your goal: damage all enemies in the city and grab the world population.

    Final Words                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Town Rush APK 2021 lets you hunt down people that keep coming close to you. This city is popular but the crowd does not know that you are at war with them protecting the city. This game will definitely bring in more crowd into the city from time to time but remember to not kill pets. But the only way to be popular is to keep reducing the crowd population as if in the wars but protect the pets.

    Gather your group, become a leader, take a lead from other leaders, you must make all persons in the street follow you by run close to them and their color will change to become like your color. crowd rush – city of town is a new, fun game. The aim of the game is to reduce the number of crowds that keep coming into the city.

    Crowd Rush is an extremely fun and game addictive running game. Gather people across the city. The goal of the game is to reduce the number of the crowd that keeps coming into the city. Build your Crowd and become a leader! Prove your overwhelming leadership spirit and strategic direction. Challenge your friends by making the biggest crowd.

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