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This website aim is to bring the best and most useful applications available for the Android operating system to the users. However, Follow the disclaimer and click download the APK file.

  • To make sure that you as a user understand our intentions and how the website works correctly, we do recommend that you read the disclaimer points below to know how the site works actually.
  • Most of the downloadable APK files of Android apps listed within this website are from third-party sites other than the Google Play Store. The links may be broken at times, we suggest you notify us in case the connection is cut so that we can update with the latest working links.
  • All the downloads done from this website should be done at the risk of the user only. We are not responsible for any issues that you may encounter while or after downloading the APK files.
  • The installation procedures listed for each Android APK should be followed in their correct sequence only.
  • Some of the Android application APK files listed on this website will require root access permissions on your Android device, which means that you will have to root your Android device before installing the application.
  • Rooting may damage your Android device if proper resources aren’t used or if the steps aren’t followed correctly. Hence, rooting of your Android device should be done at your own will and risk only. Android APK files that listed on this website subject to device and Android version compatibility.
  • Not all APK files maybe compatible with every Android device or every Android version. Please make sure that the APK will run properly on your machine before installation.

The APK files mentioned on this website compiled from several third-party sources, and we are not to be held responsible for any issues that may cause during the installation or runtime of the APK files listed on this website.

Viber APK Download For Android
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