Voyage 4 APK Traveling Game 2021!

Travel on Russian roads with 12 Russian cars + 4 German cars, get to the ferry in the Crimea.
Start your trip in Russia from Magadan to the Crimea.

Game Introduction

Hometown and signs based on real-world tracks: P504 “Kolyma” M7 “Volga” M5 “Ural” M51 “Baikal”. Some historic memorials. Realistic physics and accurate specifications of all cars (including the torque graphs and the gear ratios). Working devices in each machine + 100% realistic lighting. Mirrors. Lights. Thoroughly researched the driver’s hands. Only in this game driver controls steering wheel and instruments so realistic!

Game Key Features

  • – More than 30 tuning parts for each machine (on foreign cars less) based on real-life parts. Now, not only the engine but also the wheels, xenon and other functional!
  • – Detailed cars sounds, and now the game has an visual tuning!
  • – 6 popular Russian car + 2 German cars. Later new cars will be added!
  • – Now the game has road turns, fork and hills.
  • – In comparison with Russian Driver 2: Baikal schedule has been greatly improved.
  • – Russian traffic area number of regions.
  • – Dynamic time, clouds, day and night, different weather (including rain).
  • – A lot of settings and a special console for precise optimization.


    The game is permitted read-only information about the device. Permits reading of contacts, sending SMS, direct calls to the game does not used. Game use device ID to protect information from cheating.
    No other action is taken. But it is recommended not to download the game from other places besides Play Store or trusted sites.

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