Water Connect APK Puzzle Game Download!

In a calm and soothing setting, trees live connected… But never for long because the ground keeps shuffling !

Game Introduction

Restore the balance of nature by rotating the ground to connect trees to their water source. The challenge will grow bigger as you’ll need to make connections by colors, use loops, and more !

Will you be able to connect all the trees, By changing direction of the pipes on the ground, you connect the pipes and create a way for water to flow. You complete the game when all the trees are watered. Pay attention to color of the trees and color of water.

Tap to rotate the ground. Find a way to connect the colored water sources to the suitable trees. Provide all the tree with their colored water to save them.

Game Key Features

  • No time limits.
  • One finger control.
  • Multiple unique level
  • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy this game at your own pace!
  • Solve more than 500 levels
  • Get yourself out of hard situations with solutions
  • Enjoy different level types
  • Unlock 20 achievements
  • Compare your progress with other players in the world ranking

Game Conclusion

Enjoy our easy-to-love characters, a small watering can and a lovely flower in a greenly farm.

Ready to keep your lovely flower happy?
Crafting the water path to refresh your flower by sliding the blocks in 4 directions – up, down, left, right

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