Wheel Gymnastics Jump APK – Free Games 2021

One of the toughest gymnastic sports is Wheel Gymnastic APK.

Game Details

It’s time to know how the wheel Gymnastics are done and play as a sports person and get ready for the Olympics. It’s time to test your eye and hand coordination while going through 3 steps/ phases before the final Jump.

Hold to do the flips once you released from the wheel and land properly to finish the run and get the scores from esteemed judges. Wheel Gymnastics Jump is an Art rich Game, playing and mastering this game requires incredible accuracy and concentration. unlock more characters to see new animations and effects.

Game Salient Features

  • Excellent 3D low poly art style along with mesmerizing environment backgrounds.
  • Funny animations for every stunt and move.
  •  Hilarious Failure experience, Easy to play!
  •  Brilliant SFX and Vibrations.
  •  Get a stunning response in the end.

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