Whitty vs Tricky APK Friday Funkin Rock Mod 2021!

An incredible Whitty vs Tricky APK for FNF music game! This mod is cool, the stage 2 Madness is harder than but a little ballistic I don’t like the song it’s rock genre. Attention is tricky, the screaming sound is very loud like a devil.

Game Details

Tricky is a green-skinned zombie with curled, reddish orange hair. He wears a grey cloak and a dull blue ruff with light blue orbs and a matching pair of dull blue shoes. In his first song, he wears a metal hockey mask which covers his face. During his 2nd song, he goes unmasked, revealing his rounded teeth, and lack of skin on his mandible, a common trait shared with zombies in the Madness Series. His arms are separated from his body, holding a microphone in his left hand. When he sings he also shakes a lot. This is especially noticeable when he is unmasked.

Enjoy paying Whitty vs Tricky mod NOW!

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