Best Android Games for Kids to Play in 2022

Best Android Games for Kids to Play in 2022

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Entertaining kids using mobile phones has become very hard. There is so much content online which can turn out very disturbing for them. There are games specifically made for kids by some creators. So here we will help in finding out the Best Android Games for Kids to Play in 2022.

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This review will surely help elders in finding the most suitable games for kids around them. Handing over phones to kids is very risky these days. There is a lot of explicit stuff available from numerous sources. So finding the best-suited games and added content for the child is very important.

There are many games on Google Play and other sources which are rated. Now finding these games rated for kids is a task. Now there are different types and genres of games as well. Among all, Educational and entertainment combined is the best option. There is learning included with a lot of fun as well.

We will share the best options for the readers here. Now there are some which can be played for free without any premium requirements. There are some in which gamers are offered premium purchases. The decisions will be made by the players if they want to buy the premium service or not.

The list shared here is going to be mixed premium and free. So the users will have the choice of selecting their desired one. The information shared is surely going to be helpful. The decision of choosing among all will get a lot easier for the reader. So let’s get to the list of best-rated games for kids.

My Town World

This one is offered by My Town Games LTD and it is very famous for creating games-rated for kids. The creators have offered a number of Dollhouse gameplays for children. It is like a universe of dollhouses. In this part, the creators have merged the entire universe in a single place.

The players will be able to explore more than 200 locations around the world. Other than that, there will be more than 100 different characters to interact with. If anyone has created a dollhouse before in any other game. Then they will be able to find that in this world as well.

There will be only 9 locations and 2 families unlocked. If anyone is into unlocking more locations and characters, they have to spend money on that. There will be multiple premium unlocking options for the players. Once the purchases are completed, the locations will be unlocked.

Math Games

This platform is completely dedicated to teaching math to kids and Adults.  But learning on this platform is going to be very much fun. There will be multiple games offered where children will get to learn Subtraction, Addition, Multiplication, and Division in a very unique and fun way.

The best thing about this platform is that it will be offering services according to the levels of kids. If there will be a profile creation procedure where the information about the player will be added. So this way all the game-modes offered are going to be specially meant for specific players.

Among many more of its features, the application will be offering free services. It will be completely free to get and there will be no in-app payments offered.  There will be modes offered to test the learning as well. These modes will include Memory Match, Challenge mode, and Dual mode.


Kahoot is an amazing experience for kids above age 3. Here they get the opportunity of participating in quizzes. Not only that but players will get the opportunity of creating their personal quizzes. They will get the liberty of adding information, Pictures and so much more. It is offering great learning.

This is an online platform where users get to interact with each other. There are specific modes that help players in competing against each other. The platform will be sharing information about numerous topics. The games available on this platform are called Kahoots, so don’t get confused.

The services of this application are for almost everyone. As mentioned it can be played from age 3 to above. There will be specialized content offered for every certain age. Their profile will help in finding the most suitable topics and Kahoots for the user.

Brain Games Kids

This platform is going to provide 12 different mini-games for children. It will provide different sorts of difficulty levels for all the gamers. All the players joining have to start with selecting the difficulty level. This will help everyone in finding only the suitable mini-games for the players.

All these offered mini-games are going to be used for brainstorming. The graphics are kept very smooth and there will be no problems with that.  The controls are going to be smooth but there will be no option of adjusting the controls.

To make the platform more accessible to more users, there will be multiple language options. The offered languages are going to be Spanish, Portuguese, and English. More mini-games will be added in future updates of the platform.

Final Words

Now all the readers have reached the end of this review.  Now the readers have to make their decision regarding which one they are into using. If anyone is into finding more games they can try Racing Games.

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