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Name Deco My Tree
Package com.unboxers.deco_my_tree
Publisher Unboxers
Category Social
Version 1.0.20
Size 64.98 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and Up
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Deco My Tree Apk for Android Free Download [Social App] for making your Christmas more marrier by connecting with online friends and family.

4.3/5 - (3 votes)

Christmas is the most festive time of the year for many people around the globe. The tradition of decorating trees is followed very enthusiastically. If you don’t have friends around to decorate your trees do it virtually with Deco My Tree Apk. This app will keep the tree decoration tradition alive.  

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Many people are far away from their families for various reasons. Now such people cannot participate in tree decorations with their loved ones. This app will provide an environment that will allow users to connect virtually and participate in the tree decoration activities. There are many more services offered.  

What is Deco My Tree Apk?

Deco My Tree Apk is a social platform for Android users. People who celebrate Christmas can do it in a better fashion with this application. This application is the best option for those who are far from their homes and friends. It will offer a new way of interacting with friends and family during the festival.  

Using this application will be an easy task for global users. There is a website that delivers the same services but downloading the application will make it convenient. The application interface is very easy, and anyone can start using the platform. There is a simple registration process to go through first.  

Users will be provided a username and an email address. The email address should be active because there will be a verification requirement. Once these credentials are provided, users will be able to start the application. There are a few steps to creating and decorating a Christmas tree for users to follow.  

Users will get a list of multi-colored Christmas trees and they must choose one from the list. After this task is complete, users must choose an ornament for the treetop. Users can choose another ornament for the tree from multiple available choices. This is where most of the user work is done.  

Once the tree is ready, users will get a tree link and this link can be shared with friends. The tree link can be sent via the application or directly. The link can be opened from any web browser. Once the link is shared with all the friends, the actual fun will begin. Users can receive the tree links of their friends too.  

Once the tree link is opened, users will get the liberty of decorating it. They will have free access to numerous decoration ornaments. Other than decorating, users also have the option of leaving a heartfelt Christmas message for their friends. There are multiple message templates available too.  

The activities do not end here, the platform keeps a list of the top 100 famous trees on their dashboard. So, users must send the tree link to as many friends as possible to get featured. This is a very simple application, but it will play an important role in making your festive day fun and happening.  

If you don’t have your friends around you during this time of the year, then this is a must-have application. It will allow users to take part in Christmas traditions from around the world. Users can try other social apps like Wibty Apk and Vattsun to interact with loved ones easily.  

How to Download the Deco My Tree Apk File?

Users can start the Apk download process after locating the download buttons. There are multiple download buttons on this page. A single tap on any button will direct users to the main download menu. The Apk download process will be instant and the Apk file is safe to install on Android devices.  

How to Install the Apk File?

Android users can install the app directly from Google Play Store. If users have downloaded the Apk file, then there is a simple process to install the app. Users have installation permission for apps downloaded from third-party sources. This permission is present in device settings>security settings.  

  • Go to device file manager>downloads folder and locate the downloaded APK file.  
  • Once the file is located, tap on it and wait for the installation menu to appear.  
  • As the menu appears, tap on the install button and wait until the process is complete.  

Key Features of Deco My Tree Apk

  • This social app is free to download and use.  
  • It does not ask for any in-app purchases.  
  • Email registration is mandatory.  
  • Share tree link to global users.  
  • Send and receive private messages from/to friends.  
  • The app interface is colorful and easy to use.  
  • Use numerous decoration ornaments on friends’ trees.  
  • Become the most shared tree.  
  • Many more…  


Does this app offer any premium charges?

All the Deco My Tree Apk services are available without premium charges.

Is the Deco My Tree App present on the Google Play Store?

Yes, Android users can download the app from Google Play.

There is an iOS version of this application?

Yes, but we are only presenting the Android version on this website.

Final Words

People celebrating Christmas can be a part of something new and exciting with Deco My Tree Apk. This app will connect friends and families around the world.

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4.3/5 - (3 votes)
4.3/5 (3 votes)

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