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Last Fortress Mod APK + MOD v1.355.001

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Name Last Fortress Mod
Publisher Life Is A Game Limited
Category Strategy
Version 1.355.001
Size 1.52 GB
Requires Android 5.0 and Up
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Last Fortress Mod Apk for Android Free Download for playing the modified version of Last Fortress Underground with unlimited money feature.

4.7/5 - (4 votes)

How about a strategy game where players have to outlast a zombie apocalypse? The “Last Fortress Mod Apk” is an excellent stylized strategy game for Android and Windows players. This is an online and offline gameplay with considerable levels and challenges. This survival journey is going to be a thrilling one.

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The official game is rather challenging for an ordinary player. There will be many things going on at once and gamers to keep up to progress rapidly. To make the situation a bit more comfortable, we are today offering the modified version. This implies gamers can now explore some new features and privileges.

What is “Last Fortress Mod Apk”?

“Last Fortress Mod Apk” is the latest modified version of the Strategy game for Android and Windows. In this modified version, players will explore a great deal of new features and abilities. Now advancing through difficult levels will be much easier for gamers. This is a new experience to explore.

This original game has millions of downloads from Google Play. But there still may be many who might not know about the gameplay. If you are also among those, there is no necessity to worry. We have given a lot of details regarding the game and the modified elements of this game rendition.

The Gameplay

Gamers will get to experience a post-zombie apocalyptic world. Survivors of the zombie infestation built a fortress to be safe. The fortress walls held zombies back for quite a while. But now the walls have been breached and the only left for the remaining survivors is going underground.

Setting up an underground civilization is not at all easy. A lot of resources and manpower will be required. The underground chambers offer many resources but laborers have to work to get to those resources. While settings an underground civilization, gamers have to fight and survive many zombie attacks too.

Gamers will require plenty of resources and weapons to survive. There is an option to create alliances with online friends. As progress to higher levels, the difficulty of levels and intensity of attacks from zombies will increase as well. This is where there altered features of this mod will come in handy for gamers.

Mod Features of “Last Fortress Mod Apk”

This updated version brings considerable modded features to the game. However, we are only going to share some of the prominent ones here. There is no need to use all the available mod features. A single feature can be enough to progress rapidly through difficult levels.

Unlimited In-Game Currency

The unlimited money mod is going to be the most advantageous. A ton of possibilities unlock for gamers will excessive currency. This new version allows gamers to spend as much money as desired. There are no limitations applied to the player spending. This feature alone is more than enough to survive.

Character Upgrades

There are numerous in-game characters that can be used for various roles. From laborers to fighters there are many roles in-between. Now players have the potential to upgrade these characters to the highest levels for the finest performance. Unlocking new fighter skills will be very crucial for survival.

Unlock New Fighters

This game uses a turn-based combat system. Many gamers would know to win turn-based combat, the fighters have to be really powerful. If your fighters are not capable enough, they won’t survive all rounds. So this mod allows players to unlock epic fighters with the best combat skills.

Graphics and Controls

One of the great attributes of this version is that it presents the same quality graphics and controls. There won’t be any noticeable modifications made to the interface of this gameplay. The resolution and control settings will be the same. Support for low-end Android phones is also present.

Alternatives of “Last Fortress Mod Apk”

Many gaming enthusiasts might not be interested in this game genre. Now we try our best to cater to all kinds of gamers. So those who are into other gaming genres can try an action game named My Friend Pedro Apk. All those interested in simulation games can try Emergency HQ Mod Menu.

How to Download the “Last Fortress Mod Apk” file?

Android users will be able to initiate downloading easily from this website. We have shared multiple download buttons on this page. A single tap on any one of the buttons will lead users to the main download menu. The download menu requires users to spare 10 seconds at most to begin the process.

How to install the Apk File?

To install the app file, users are required to visit phone settings first. There is an option listed as ‘Installations from Unknown Sources’ in security settings. Once the option is enabled, the default installation procedure can begin without any errors. The steps are listed below:

  • Locate the downloaded file from the file manager and tap on it.
  • As the installation prompt begins, tap on the install button.
  • Users now have to wait for the process to complete.

Key Features of “Last Fortress Mod Apk”

  • New and updated mod version with added features.
  • Runs smoothly on low-end Android phones.
  • Does not support third-party advertisements.
  • Unlimited money to buy everything from the in-game store.
  • Connect with online friends and create alliances.
  • Upgrade characters and weapons.
  • High-quality graphics and responsive controls.
  •  Supports both online and offline gaming.
  • Many more…


Playing this version might be considered illegal.

Is this game mod present on Google Play?

The official version is present on Google Play but this mod is not.

Is there an iOS version available to play?

Here we are only offering the Android version.

Is it safe to play this mod using the official game ID?

The official game ID can get banned for using a mod version.

Final Words

Players can now enjoy the modified version of Last Fortress with unlimited features. Users can commence the “Last Fortress Mod Apk” download from the links offered.

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