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Package com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
Publisher Pgs Tech
Category Simulation
Version 1.96.1
Size 282.72 MB
Requires Android 6.1 and Up
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PG Sharp Apk for Android Free Download for playing the modified version of the official version with additional features on your Android.

4.5/5 - (32 votes)

Hello everyone! Today we are here with an application that is going to be very useful for lovers of Pokémon Go. The app is called PG Sharp and this is basically a game that is a bit different from the official version.

  1. Overview of PG Sharp 
  2. Key Features of PG Sharp
  3. How to Download PG Sharp Apk File?
  4. How to Install the PG Sharp?
  5. FAQs
  6. Is this the latest version of PGSharp Free?
  7. Does this game allow players to change walking speed?
  8. Does this mod game let gamers to save multiple locations?
  9. Does this mode game has any premium services?
  10. Conclusion

There are many players who do not like to be bound by restrictions, so they simply look for alternative options. This is a modified version of the official app, and it was very requested by fans of Pokémon Go. Now that it has been updated, the developers have added a lot of features so that players can enjoy themselves.

There are a lot of exciting features that the user is going to love and as there is no restriction over the game the players can enjoy their gameplay as they want. If you want to know about the complete details of this modified version then you have to go through the complete review because the additional information about it is given there.

Overview of PG Sharp 

The PGsharp Apk was initially released in beta version and people liked it a lot so they kept requesting the official version. The mod offers some really good specifications and these types of specifications are not introduced yet by any other developer. The application is completely free to download.

As there are some limitations that the official game imposes on the player, this version will help in removing all of the restrictions that are currently present within the official game.

The interface of this Mod Game is very user-friendly and any player who has played Pokémon before can easily handle it. You can now control your GPS location because you get an inbuilt VPN system, which will help you to manipulate GPS and fake your actual location.

Now with the help of this pg sharp Pokemon Go version, you can easily see all of the Pokémon on the radar. Radar capability increases. You can see all of your fellow Pokémon very easily and you can catch them without the need for a joystick. Mainly the catching process requires multiple apps but you can do it with a single app.

You can use the option of speeding up your character. It is going to help you control the movements of your character. It can be said that PGSharp download is a spoof version where you get multiple privileges and it is up to you whether you take advantage of those privileges.

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Key Features of PG Sharp

  • Fake Location 
  • Upgrade your Speed.
  • Upgrade your Pokémon.
  • Look for specific Pokémon creatures.
  • This mod does not affect the PTC account.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Teleport from one location to another on the map.
  • Allows players to save the last location.
  • Easy Logins with Trial Keys.
  • Record interesting videos.
  • Fast Responses for quick catch.
  • Smooth Graphics.
How to Download PG Sharp Apk File?

The version is not available in the official Google Play Store. You can download the apk file easily from our site. You just have to tap once on the download button and your downloading will automatically start after that. You have to wait for 5 to 10 seconds because the download processor takes that much time normally.

How to Install the PG Sharp?

The installation process is not that long. There are some simple steps you have to follow but before that, you have to go to your phone’s settings and click on the security setting, from there you have to allow installation from unknown sources.

  • Now locate the file in the downloads folder. 
  • Tap on the Apk and your installation wizard will start.
  • Now tap on the install button and wait until the process is over.
  • After the process is complete tap on the open button to launch.

Your app will be ready to use now.


Is this the latest version of PGSharp Free?

This is the latest version of PGSharp with advanced features.

Does this game allow players to change walking speed?

This modified version will allow players to set a custom walking speed. It also offers an auto-walk option as well.

Does this mod game let gamers to save multiple locations?

Gamers will be able to save only one location.

Does this mode game has any premium services?

Android users will be able to access all the services without a premium cost.


If you have been a fan of the official game you will surely like the Pokémon Go sharp. So download and install it now.    

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4.5/5 - (32 votes)
4.5/5 (32 votes)

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