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Turning the Page APK + MOD v0.17.0

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Overview Information

Name Turning the Page
Package turning.the.page
Publisher Azienda
Category Role Playing
Version 0.17.0
Size 800.99 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and Up
Updated On
Turning the Page Apk Download for Android [Visual Novel]. For exploring an immersive Mystery NTR genre gaming app on your Android phone.

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Mystery NTR is a very famous Manga subgenre. Millions of Manga fans are interested in exploring fun stories from this genre. Today we have Turning the Page Apk and this gaming app belongs to the Mystery NTR genre. If you are a fan of this genre, you should download this gaming app.

  1. What is Turning the Page Apk?
  2. The Plot
  3. Graphics and Sound Effects
  4. Are there any alternatives to Turning the Page Apk?
  5. How to Download and Install Turning the Page Apk File?
  6. Key Features of Turning the Page Apk
  7. FAQs
  8. Is this game suitable for underage gamers?
  9. Is this game downloadable from Google Play?
  10. Is it safe to download the Turning the Page Apk file?
  11. Final Words

Gamers will get to explore an interesting storyline with an extensive range of characters. There will be decisions to make in order to progress to further levels. The game awards players will complete control over all the decisions. There is plenty more to know about this RPG gaming application.

What is Turning the Page Apk?

Turning the Page Apk is a Role Playing game for Android devices. The gameplay is inspired by a very famous manga genre known as Mystery NTR. Manga fans would clearly know what this genre has to offer. If you are not a Manga fan, there is no need to worry because we have provided all the info.

Mystery NTR refers to a genre where a married is featured. This married gets involved with other partners during the course of their relationship. This is typically the main plot of these stories. This gaming application features a similar plot and there will be various exciting scenes.

This gaming app is completely free to download from the links presented. This is an offline gaming application and does not offer an online multiplayer mode. There won’t be any mandatory in-game purchases offered. Players can get started immediately after downloading the gameplay.

As mentioned in the beginning, this is a visual novel game. So there won’t be an open world where gamers can move around freely. Players will get scenes with dialogue. Gamers have to make various decisions, taking on the role of the main character.

The Plot

This gaming app features a newlywed couple. The couple teaches at the same school. The gameplay starts on the first day of school after vacations. The couple is back from their honeymoon and are still in their lovey-dove mode.

As players progress to new chapters, new characters are introduced. This is where things start to get exciting because the couple starts forming feelings for other characters featured in the game. Players need to make decisions that they feel are best for their character.

The best part about Turning the Page Game is that it allows gamers to choose which role they are interested in playing. Gamers can choose to play as the wife (Sophie) or the Husband (Felix). The dialogues and scenes will be different for both characters.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Gamers will get HD image quality for the entire novel. Players will be extremely attractive characters with specific attributes. The images will define a lot of the scenes and what’s happening. Players will also get realistic sound effects for all the scenes.

Are there any alternatives to Turning the Page Apk?

This gaming app is inspired by the Manga sub-genre, Mystery NTR. Many gaming enthusiasts must be interested in exploring other genres as well. We have an extensive game library to offer. Gamers can start exploring without any limitations. Users should try Goodbye Eternity and Black Clover M Apk.

How to Download and Install Turning the Page Apk File?

Android users can download the Apk file after locating the download buttons. There are two download buttons shared for user convenience. A single tap on any button will direct users to the main download menu. The Apk downloading will begin within a few seconds from the download menu.

For installing the Apk file, Android users need to follow a few simple steps. These steps are mandatory to install files downloaded from third-party sources.

  • Go to Android device settings>security settings and enable installation permission for files from third-party sources.
  • Now visit the device file manager>downloads folder and locate the downloaded Apk file.
  • Tap on the downloaded file and wait for the installation prompt to appear.
  • Tap on the install button as the prompt appears, and wait for the process to complete.

Key Features of Turning the Page Apk

  • This Role Play game is free to download and play.
  • It does not offer any in-game purchases for extra features.
  • The gameplay loads instantly.
  • Players will get a save and load feature.
  • Gamers can create a personal gallery from the story.
  • High-definition images and realistic sound effects.
  • Ad-free offline gameplay.
  • The gameplay runs lag-free on low-end Android phones.
  • Many more…


Is this game suitable for underage gamers?

No, there are some scenes that may not be suitable for underage players. This gameplay is suitable for adult players only.

Is this game downloadable from Google Play?

Users won’t find this game on the Google Play Store.

Is it safe to download the Turning the Page Apk file?

Yes, the game file is completely safe to download and install on Android devices.

Final Words

Mystery NTR or simply Manga fans should play Turning the Page Apk. Once gamers start playing, they won’t be stopped until it is completed.

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