Best Trivia Games for Android in 2022

Best Trivia Games for Android in 2022

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Playing games for fun is very common these days. But what about games that entertain the players as well as give them a lot to learn? Keeping the mind active in new information about various things is very important. That is why we will be offering the Best Trivia Games for Android in 2022.

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Trivia games provide an opportunity for gamers to learn. There will be multiple types of games to play. We will be sharing a list that will help in finding the best game for yourself. Getting information about current affairs, Geography, and other stuff can be really helpful at times for any person.

Trivia gameplays provide the fun players want and give them something new to learn every time. This way knowledge of gamers keeps increasing. There are platforms where users can earn money for answering questions. Android Games like these can help the person in preparing for opportunities like this.

The games we are offering today we will be played only for fun and knowledge. There will be no money-making opportunity here. Those who are interested in making money. They should look for some other related reviews on the platform. This review is only for those who are into getting educated.

 Each game will be offering a different service. There will be different types of learning in every game. So users have to make the decision about which one they like the best. We will be providing basic information about these games and how to get started. This much will be enough to get started.

Brain Test 2

This is a Unico Studio creation for gamers. It will be offering a number of Brain training and tests for the gamers to play.  There was a part 1 and it was immensely popular all over. Now the creators have decided to introduce the second part. Those who have played the first part should try it.

This one comes with a completely new set of tests for the players. There will be a lot for the players to do here. The answers are going to be completely unexpected and surprising. The players have to think out of the box to get the answers. Sometimes the answers will be right in front of your eyes.

The creators have made it suitable for all age groups. It will be offering tests and training according to the ability of players. Although it is rated for 7 plus kids at the Google Play store. If you have free time to kill, then this is surely the best option to consider. It will freshen you up if you are bored doing nothing. 


This platform helps the players in getting endless multiple-choice questions. The questions are made from Wikipedia articles.  There will be a lot of learning opportunities for the players.  It provides a lot of learning opportunities for users of multiple ages. It is rated for Ages 3 and above.

This online platform helps the players in connecting with each other.  They can face each other in one on one tests. The winner gets different sorts of rewards.  There are multiple challenges curetted for the users. There are multiple trivia gameplays offered for the players.

It is also offering services for school students as well. It provides the option for teachers to create quizzes on multiple levels.  Students can easily these quizzes to practice for their exams.  There will be an account creation process offered for interested students.

Quiz Your English

Cambridge English is the creator of this gaming platform. As the name indicates, it is solely made to enhance and improve the English skills of users. This is a platform that is being used by millions of users from around the world. It is also offering users the opportunity to engage with global users.

There will be different sorts of English test games available. It provides the option of going head-to-head with other learners from around the world. Interaction will other learners is going to be the best way of teaching yourself. There are numerous fun activities to do here without getting bored.

It not only tests your abilities but it also tells where you need improvement. There are regular stats offered that will help the users in finding out about their mistakes. Once the mistakes are highlighted, people can work on correcting the mistakes. So it will be a complete English learning suite.  


This is a game that tests the Geographical knowledge of players. It was immensely among PC users and millions of players from around the world joined it. Now Android players will be able to join it and have fun. It can be played online with friends and family.

The concept is very simple and everyone will be able to understand it. There will be multiple game modes offered here. The players have the option of guessing famous places, Regions, Run Streaks and so much more.

There will be an option of playing with friends and competing with other players online. It provides google street view of different locations from around the world. Players have to guess the right place by making guesses.  The Player has to analyze the surrounding like Billboards, Languages, and more.         

So these are all the games we have to share today. There will be more for the readers on this site in the future as well. Other than that, if anyone is interested in playing an offline game on their Android, they should try Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022.

Final Words

This is the end of this review about Trivia Games. Now all the interested gamers should decide which game they want to start with. The decision won’t be that hard because every game is different from the other one.

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